which wallet looks better w/carly??


which wallet should I keep to go w/carly?

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  1. Ok so when I FINALLY decide which carly to keep (slim or large), I'll then need to decide which wallet I like better. Yes I am a PITA but hey, who isn't?? hehe

    So ladies, time to chime in here............which wallet do you like better??

    here is the carly I'm deciding between and the wallets:


    carlycombo.JPG walletcombo.JPG
  2. #1...not too matchy but white inside. Would go well with a brown bag should you get one ;).
  3. 2 and 3 goes well but 1 is really great! LE also its special!
  4. I like the streamlined look of #3 with Carly.
  5. #2!!! i love the white/khaki/blue combo!!!!
  6. i say number one because it is beautiful!!!! i love gold patchwork, but then if not, than 3 because for one it zips, and plus i think it matches well- the stripe and trim....
  7. I really like #3 the most!
  8. I like #1! It's gorgeous!
  9. I like #1 with the slim Carly #1 and #2 with the large Carly.
  10. #3 seems most practical to me. But the LE #1 is really neat and very unique!
  11. #1 because I just bought this wallet :smile: but in a different color.
  12. 3rd!
  13. cool, what color? is it patchwork too?? I'd love to see it....post a pic!
  14. Absolutely #1.... it's a gorgeous flash of sumthin-sumthin against the pretty Carly... like good makeup on an already gorgeous girl!
  15. The different sizes of the siggy print between the bag and #2 and #3 would bug me. But #1 matches the color scheme and the interior white also ties it together with the bag. I would choose the first one.