which wallet - help me...

  1. Hi, which wallet should i use? Im not the type who changes wallet regularly so once I use it , that's it for the next few yrs... I have a PT vernis framboise and a groom PT (red) wallet-- which is nicer? more chic? Need your opinion on this.
    Porte-tresor Intl. cant find pics for now...
    I would prefer a pomme PT than framboise but I lost my receipt already and I doubt if LV would allow me to swap it w a pomme... or a amarante...:p
  2. I would go with the PT vernis.
  3. mmm....for everyday use i'd use the groom because i'd think it would handle being "handled" everyday vs. the vernis which i would think would be a bit more fragile than the canvas.
  4. i vote for vernis, its so pretty!
  5. try a swap! go for vernis!
  6. I voted for the vernis too ate sha! :biggrin:
  7. I vote vernis.
  8. OK, will get the vernis out of its box, and will decide.. yes, it'll be for everyday use... poor groom, still hiding in the closet.