Which wallet goes best with a B. Bag?

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  1. Which style wallet would you suggest to compliment a B. Bag? I'm purchasing my first...doesn't matter about colors but I would like the fabric to be leather. Thx!
  2. Agree w/Litigatrix - perfect wallet for the b.bag. Love this wallet, never seem to find it on sale though:sad:
  3. i've never seen that one before - how cute is it!
  4. Defintely the one Lit posted. It is the wallet made to go with the B Bag, after all.
  5. The B. Wallets are available in 3 different sizes - the continental size that's already been posted here, medium (pretty much looks the same as the bigger one with same size buckle), and small (with smaller brass b.buckle that looks like the one on Dr. B bags). There is a coin purse also with the b. buckle. Different colors/materials other than the ones shown here are probably gonna be hard to find but they are out there.