Which wallet for White Suhali LE FABULEUX?

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  1. I'm getting the white suhali le fab:love: for christmas and was wondering what you ladies and gents think the best "wow" LV wallet would be ... I was thinking the black suhali zippy since I already have the suhali lockit PM in black, but would the black zippy look dumb with the white le fab?

    Another one I am considering is the white MC alexandra wallet.

    So here's the question, which wallet from what line would you suggest for the white le fab:

    1.) Suhali - ?
    2.) Multicolor - ?
    3.) Vernis - ?
    4.) Damier - ?
    5.) Azur - ?
    6.) Mono - ?
    7.) Epi - ?

    As always, TIA:flowers:
  2. I absoluty love the Suhali coin purse. But it is maybe to small for your needs? (Its not on the american website right now, but it is on the french, in case you havent seen it.. :smile:)
  3. ^^^Thank you ... yeah it is too small ... I like the long wallets.
  4. I love the black suhali zippy. Both would go great together.
  5. Suhali Zippy!!!
  6. I like the suhali zippy in verone (Or could get the LE gold one) or the mahina wallet:yes:
  7. I think the white mc would look great with the white suhali.... or what about a black mc zippy wallet???
  8. ^^^You know I thought about the gold and actually thought it'd look great with the white le fab and black lockit PM ... I also thought it might be a little too show-offy? (if that's even a word). Now the mahina wallet looked awesome too, but was not crazy about the 18 cc slots ... way too many.
  9. I tried the gold with my white lockit and it looked fab:tup:
  10. The white MC zippy, the pomme vernis zippy or the silver suhali zippy would look great! (And there is also a gorgeous metallic zippy-style Chanel wallet out right now...:graucho:)
  11. ^^^ That does looks good ...
  12. I was thinking maybe the Eugenie wallet in Ivoire? I think its a pretty chic and classy combination?
  13. I loooooooooooooooooove the black MC Zippy... go for it!
  14. black suhali zippy
    mono or mahina eugine
  15. ... i meant mahina ameilia wallet and mono eugine and black suhali zippy. the eugine and amelia is really similar