Which wallet for East/West?

  1. I have a CC credit card holder that I've been using in my East/West, but I'd really like to get a traditional wallet in which I won't have to fold my bills, that has some card slots, and has a place for coins. Here's the one I like (taken from SophiaLee's pics in the Reference Library), but I think it might be too big:



    Do you think this would work in an East/West and still leave room for a checkbook, keys and a phone? Otherwise, what other compact wallets do you like for the East/West?
  2. I use the caviar compact and it fits fine in my e/w.

    It still leaves a ton of room.
  3. Could you post a pic of it? Does it have a separate coin compartment?
  4. ^It does have a separate cion compartment. It's a very nice wallet. I was just looking at them yesterday at NM.

    Sorry I do not have a pic.
  5. I dont think its big, i think it will fit just fine! :yes:
  6. You think? That's the one I love the best, but I was worried it might be too thick. Maybe I'll order one to test it out.
  7. I tried to upload two more pics with measurements but my bluetooth is acting up on me hence here are the pics of my wallet....I will have the rest of the items measured later for ya.

    This is my Salvatore Wallet in Sage. I bought it last Christmas. Fits perfectly well in my East West together with my Key purse, car keys and TREO.
    Photo_121106_001.jpg Photo_121106_002.jpg Photo_121106_003.jpg
  8. Thanks so much for the pics!