Which wallet for Damier Alma?

  1. I 'm thinking about a wallet that would look nice with my Damier Alma. It should have lots of cc holders. Right now I have mono snapped billfold with coin purse ,and a business card holder to hold extra cards.:confused1: It's very confusing because I like so many of them. Any ideas welcome. Also I was considering getting a damier Speedy 30 first because my Alma sometimes seems a bit dressy for my casual life. Would something Pomme go or Red groom pochette wallet or Damier brassa ? Any Ideas.
  2. John, I posted this in wrong area but I don't know how to correct it. Could you please move it to main area. Sorry! Thanks.
  3. i think the brazza would go well with your alma :yes:
  4. Pia ,Do you have a brassa ? I have not seen one in person yet,but they look nice. Thanks for the suggestion
  5. i really love the brazza, the damier zippy wallet and damier koala wallet. i think anything would look great w/ the damier alma. good luck!
  6. Does the damier Koala hold up well and how many cc can it hold? Have the zippy in azur so I would like to try something different I think. Thanks.
  7. My suggestion would be a Pomme D'Amour Koala or Zippy- I think the deep red looks incredible against Damier. :yes: Or if you want to match, I love the Damier compact zip wallet, I think Karman has it?
  8. The pomme looks so pretty.
  9. I have a damier zippy, and love it. It keeps me very organized.:yes: