which wallet do you prefer?

  1. Which one do you like best for an everyday wallet. I have both mono and damier bags. The white MC koala or the Damier koala???? Thanks;)
  2. white mc koala ... totally cute!
  3. MC Koala (White)!!!
  4. MC Koala is totally cute but the Damier would be easier to care for.
  5. Damier!!!
  6. white, MC koala, for sure!
  7. MC Koala hands down!
  8. MC for sure!
  9. white MC koala!!!!!
  10. i prefer the Damier. it's easier to take care of, and i love the red lining
  11. I love anything in multicolor!!
  12. MC :p
  13. Damier would be my choice.
  14. I have MC too...:yes: - ZIPPY WALLET in black...:tup::heart:
  15. :woohoo: too...

    All my daily things are in MC black... :love:

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    Keyholder porte cles
    Zippy Wallet