Which wallet do you prefer?


Which wallet do you prefer?

  1. Koala

  2. French

  3. Zippy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Do you like Koala, French or Zippy? I think these are the most popular wallet style here....want to see which one gets more votes! :idea:
  2. My fave is not listed: Pochette!
  3. Funny -- these were my wallet choices too. I ended up with the Mono Zippy and couldn't be any happier with my decision. It keeps everything in place, nicely organized and plus you can use it as a clutch. If you have a slim cell phone, it can fit right in.
  4. Hmm Gotta say the Zippy,
    It's abit big , But i really love it!
  5. out of those three I would go with french. But my all time favorite is the PTI.
  6. I like the french, but also the PTI as it is a nice size with easy credit card access.
    I hope my next wallet will be the mono Eugenie.:nuts:
  7. I was considering the zippy but bought the pochette last week and LOVE it.
  8. i LOVE my MC zippy! it is the most functional wallet i've owned. i know it's a bit large but it doesn't matter. it's a GREAT wallet and i love that i can use it as a clutch too. i have all sorts of odds and ends in mine, pens, claritin, coupons, even 4 x 6 photos. they all live in my zippy lol.

    for smaller bags, a koala is great. i'd be scared to scratch up the lock though =\
  9. koala!
  10. I voted for French! I own 3 of them (in Perle, Framboise & Marshmallow) and :heart: them!:yes:
  11. Koala... I love that it has an ID window and it has so many credit card slots and it is pretty compact in size.
  12. koala is lovely
  13. ZIPPY vote here! :tup:
  14. Vote for French here, I love that it is compact, yet has room for 8 credit cards.
  15. I love the zipped compact (not listed) and the french.