which wallet do you like better??

  1. I can't decide between a white MC Koala wallet or a Amarante Vernis French Purse wallet. Which one do you like better or any other suggestions I will love to hear. I had a zippy wallet, but I'm looking to get something alittle smaller. Thanks much!!:smile:
  2. I had my hands on a Framboise French Purse, but returned it because for me, it was a little too flashy for something I always carry. I got something a little more understated instead, and opted for the Damier FP! I LOVE it! The FP is so easy to use. If you're used to carrying the Zippy, I'd go for the FP because it won't be too drastic of a downsize. One thing, though, the FP is WIDE so if you use pochettes often, it takes up a lot of space in there, not leaving much space for other things.
  3. I like the look of the Koala wallet a lot more. It seems a lot more functional, IMO?
  4. amarante french purse:tup:
  5. :heart: amarante! :drool: For myself, I dunno about a WHITE wallet... :shrugs: I'd be too scared about getting it dirty.
  6. I loooove the shape/functionalities of the french purse. Amarante is tdf as well!
  7. I prefer my Koala wallet over my French Purse but they're both incredible wallets.
  8. Ooh! THis is hard. I like the Koala, but I like Amarante Vernis leather.
  9. the french purse is such a beautiful, elegant style, and looks GORGEOUS in amarante!
  10. Amarante French Purse!
  11. amarante french purse
  12. I love the Koala wallet. Especially if it's in MC. GET IT PLEASE!
  13. The MC koala wallet, it is hot
  14. MC Koala!
  15. I would go with the multicolor!