Which wallet do u carry w classic flap?

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  1. I'm having a hard time looking for a wallet that would fit comfortably in my classic double flap. :hysteric:

    It seems that all of my wallet is bit too large and I have to really work at it to close the bag.
    Which wallet do u all carry??
  2. my SA recommended not to use a wallet when carrying the classic 2.55.. she said to carry only a credit care, license, and some cash. she also said that the inside flap was designed to prevent the credit cards and cash from falling out of the purse.

    however, i'm able to fit my LV wallet in the purse (yep.. i mix my designers!)
  3. ^ I don't think I can do without my wallet. :sad:
    Which LV wallet? I have a compact zip but had a hard time closing my flap... so I switched to Gucci and same thing...! :hysteric:
  4. I have the same problem with my classic. Right now I have the smaller size cambon, but it really does not match with the classic. However, this does not give me room for too much of anything else.
  5. I have been looking for a smaller wallet for my classic flap as well, I have the same LV Mat wallet as justwhisper, but that was too big, so I bought the Chanel button silver wallet and that's still too big. I'm on the hunt for a credit card sized Chanel wallet. I know that Chanel has the credit card/business card sized wallets but they don't have a zipped pocket for change. What I really want is shopmom411's wallet:


    Photo belongs to shopmom411

    I have been looking for a wallet like this for a couple months now, and can't find it anywhere! For now I've been using a Chanel credit card holder.
  6. I went to Dior and found a very small wallet, similar to the one shopmom411 has but it has these metal hanging charms that spell Dior on it.
    It's really, really cute and only $280 +tax but dangling charm bothered me a bit.:sad:
    SA said maybe u can take it off?? but that would look really stupid. :throwup:
  7. This is the ID wallet that I carry, it doesn't hold much but at the same time it doesn't take up too much space too, plus it matches my purse perfectly.
  8. I have a small leather Coach wallet that fits inside mine. Yeah, it's hard to get the bigger ones in there!
  9. ^ I took a peek at Coach web site and their new signature small zipp wallet looks like it might be small enough.
  10. Same here. I'm carrying my pink cambon bi-fold with mine. I can fit the wallet, my Canon SD 450, lip gloss, and RAZR. I have the double flap and the flap 'snaps' on fine but I feel like it could burst if I had one more thing:wtf:.

    Do you think a CC holder would be a better option?
  11. I think the Hermes compact Bearn wallet will actually fit pretty well.
  12. Hi,

    I carry a wallet similar to La Chanel Princess (love your wallet :love: ), except that it's a Tods. It fits credit cards, ID and cash, which is great because I can't seem to fit any of my other wallets.
  13. I agree with koukanamiya, I think the Hermes Compact Bearn wallet will fit in the classic flap, it's slim enough. However since it costs as much as my classic flap I'm going to save for it! :love: There's a gorgeous fuschia alligator with diamonds on ebay for $11,999!