Which wallet color should I get

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  1. I can't decide which wallet to get and need your help in deciding:

    1) twist in epi blueberry
    2) twist in epi hot pink
    3) twist in epi black vernis
    4) Sarah in grape empereinte

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  2. Seems you have your heart set on the Twist. I've only seen pictures of Twist and looks like a bulky wallet to me. I prefer envelope fold wallet rather that that twist lock.

    I'm biased towards Empreinte, so my vote for Sarah and Grape is a lovely seasonal colour!
  3. Epi blueberry would be my first choice! But you can never go wrong with black ;) GLD!
  4. +1 for blueberry Epi
  5. blueberry!
  6. Seen the blueberry twist in person and LOVED IT!!!! Gorgeous!!!
  7. i love the new blueberry color!!! that's where my vote goes too.
  8. Another vote for Epi blueberry
  9. Blueberry!!!!
  10. Either the blueberry or black since they're easy to pair with an outfit or bag and they hide wear and tear really well.
  11. #11 May 28, 2016
    Last edited: May 28, 2016
    I'm a huge fan of the Sarah wallet and Empreinte. I like the Sarah in Grape Empreinte.

    But for you, since you seem enamored with the Twist, I chose the Twist Hot Pink.
  12. I vote Sarah cause it's not as bulky.
  13. I love that hot pink Twist. I almost got it in Paris but ended up with another wallet. You can't go wrong with blueberry OR hot pink IMO.