Which Wallet Can Put Airline Tickets & Passport

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  1. Hello Threads,

    Is there have anyone want to share they used to put their airline tickets or passport into the Hermes wallet? And which wallet would you prefer?

    Thanks for letting me ask :smile:
  2. I dont' think any wallet can fit a passport...
    H does have a passport holder available though
  3. The closest style that can fit a passport is likely a Dogon, but boarding passes do not fit.
  4. Maybe the full sized silk in wallet? I have one and I am amazed at how much can go inside that wallet including my iPhone! Haven't tried a boarding ticket though!
  5. I actually use an agenda holder? I can't remember the name anymore... It fits 2 passports, and I normally leave the top open for boarding passes, and it's worked for me pretty well. Oh, it also has 3 card slots.
  6. The Large Azap Combined (the large squarish one, not the horizontal/rectangular one) can hold these but it's been discontinued for a long time now. Still available used/through resellers, though.
  7. Just pulled out my Passport and tried it, fits in full size silken wallet with room to spare, but a boarding pass would have to be folded. I was researching the other day on line for this kind of travel combo and came across some options from Leatherology, great colors and several choices that would hold passport and boarding pass etc. Haven't ordered and am still looking but I've tagged the site.
  8. Do you need to fit boarding passes? Just use your phone for tickets and then a larger Silk'in will work just fine :smile:
  9. I think the Dogon does too as Periogirl28 mentioned above. It's a classic style.
  10. My azap fits passport
    Usually i will fold boarding pass
  11. I fold my airline ticket in half and place it on the photo page of my passport to keep them together.

    For security reasons I always keep my ID & CC separate from my passport. ✈️
  12. Azap fits passport but I love Smythson's travel wallet for this occasion. It has different compartments for passport and boarding passes. Also zipped compartments for local and foreign currencies! HTH[emoji178]
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  13. For yrs, my only wallet was the Dogon and it fits my passport perfectly.

    Tumi makes long travel wallets that fit passes and passport. .
  14. Hello arlv8500, are you talking about " Globetrotter " agenda???

  15. Hello csshopper,

    Wow, thanks for your helping :smile: I love the silk-in wallet as well. I think I might get one!

    You know, when you are traveling if your wallet can fit passport or airline tickets, that will be great!!!
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