Which wallet best matches my purse??

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  1. Okay, I just bought this totally adorable purse and am sooo excited to use it! I bought it for a vacation that I'm going on at the end of September... so I need a wallet by then! I've used the zip around (square ones, not the rectangle ones) and checkbook syles before, so I'd like to stick with those if possible, especially the checkbook style. I've seen the french styles and I think I'd like those as well. But I need one to match my Hampton Optic Madeline Medium size. I've attached an image of my purse, so PLEASE give me ideas on what you think the best wallet for me would be! I have searched the internet for endless days... with no results :sad: Thanks for all help!

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  2. If you have an outlet close enough, I would go there with your new purse and look for a matching wallet. I would think any white or tan leather would look fantastic.
  3. i think a white wallet would go nice, or one of the hamptons optic in that matching fabric, but not chelsea b/c they have brown leather trim. and btw i LOVE that bag, i bought a swingpack in that same fabric to use in spain but i had to return it b/c i coudnt get anything in it and im kicking myself for not getting a carly in that when i had the pce at that time
  4. You guys are super sweet! Thanks for all your input and now that I have a few wallets to choose from, I can't wait until I decide so I can use my beautiful bag!
  5. How about one of these?



  6. I would say a white or tan wallet with matching hardware.
  7. I know what you mean. I have a new french purse too,so the leather is a bit stiff. I have all my card slots doubled up and then some. If you press it at the fold just right, the flap will fit right over the turnlock so you can lock it without a problem. I have the mini and wristlet for any extra cards that I have....all the important cards go in the wallet though.

    This style is one of my favorites, plus it gives me an excuse to have a mini and a wristlet to go along with it. :shame:
  8. I think a white leather wallet would look fabulous!