Which wallet are you using with your Alexander Wang bag?

  1. Hi everyone :] After seeing the "what's inside your AW bag" thread I was curious to know specifically:

    What is everyone using as a wallet along with their Alexander Wang bag (of any and all models & colors) ?

    I recently purchased a black with rose gold hardware Rocco and am looking for ideas of a wallet to pair with it.

    Post visuals if you want and are able to so. :biggrin:
  2. I've had the same Louis Vuitton wallet for 16 years and wear it with every bag I own. One, because I'm lazy, two because the darn thing wears like iron. It looks new (for real!) with the exception of slight thread loosening at one fold, but you really can't notice it. Now that was a great investment!!
  3. I just got a Rocco too! I decided to get a AW Fumo wallet to match. I love it! And best of all it doubles as a wristlet. Highly recommended..

  4. A Coach wallet. I am not a fan of Coach bags but I do love their wallets!
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    A LAMB wallet for the real stuff, but I do also have a textured turquoise Fumo in there with my LOTD, work badge, feminine products, transit tokens, extra change, and those little reward coupon-cards they give you at like, H&M or Shoppers if you spend too much money.
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    Does anyone own a Alexander Wang wallet, and if so, tell me what you think of the quality. TIA
  7. I've been using my dalmatian wallet for months and it is holding up beautifully.
    I carry it as a clutch a lot when I'm running in and out of stores. :cool:
  8. I have both the Dalmatian and the fumo wallets and both of them are amazing.
  9. I have the Prisma wallet/clutch in eelskin and I love it. Because of the texture it hasn't gotten scratched up and I carry it a lot solo. I can fit my iPhone in it.
  10. Yes! That's what I love about my dalmatian wallet! It's the perfect size.:love:
  11. [​IMG]

    I have a patent agnès b wallet that I intend to use it with. I use "intend" because my Rocco in Rose Gold is now transiting and on the way to me in Singapore. It is nice to match the wallet and the bag but I don't feel like I have to. I realize I am a sucker for black and metalware. No surprised why I got the Rocco there :smile:
  12. Louis vuitton Sarah mono wallet .
  13. I have the dalmation wallet as well!! I get so many comments about it. I'm thinking of buying the Fumo wallet in Mercury cause I love the colour and I could do for some more room for my cards!!