Which vintage style do you like more?

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  1. Hi, everyone.
    I'm thinking about a vintage Chanel. I am having difficulty deciding which bag to choose from. I think this will be my last bag. And I'm hoping the chain straps will be long enough that I can wear crossbody at a height of 5'2. The chain drop is 20 to 21 inches, would this be long enough?

    Here are the two styles:
    The left bag is a Madmoselle vertical stripe bag, and the other one is a Diana bag. I'm having trouble deciding between these two or ditching it to get a black mini in silver but they are hard to find. What i like about these ones is that they are bigger.

    For those of you that own a vintage, how are the chain straps? Can you wear it cross body?

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  2. Diana!
  3. I like the look of the Diana better!
  4. Diana!
  5. +1 for Diana style ^_^
    I'm eyeing one myself, haha..
    There are a few on BoutiquePatina with pictures of the mannequin wearing the Diana, if you need references.
    I believe there are 3 sizes of Diana: 8.5in, ~10in, and 11.5in.
    The smaller it is, the longer the strap. So for 8.5in and 10in, I'm sure you can wear crossbody at 5'2. But the large Diana has shorter strap.
  6. Diana too!
  7. Both are nice, though the Diana looks pretty classic so the first one would grab my attention more!
  8. Diana!

    Diana has a few strap lengths though, and ranges from what i have seen from 19-21, depending on the year it came out and its size. if you want Diana to crossbody easily make sure you find one with the longer drop.
  9. I love both! They are both very unique, but yes you can wear them both crossbody
  10. Diana
  11. They are both gorgeous!!! Which one makes your heart sing when looking at it?
  12. They are both beautiful but I definitely like the Diana better. It has a classic look that won't go out of style. Good luck deciding!
  13. #13 Mar 20, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
    I think the Diana one so far.

    I couldn't figure out why I liked it better, or why it seems that the majority of other people liked it better. I think it is because the Diana bag has a sense of balance of shape.

    To be more specific, the diana has a curve in the middle that offsets all the squares and straight lines. Where as the vertical quilt does not. I think the Diana seems more feminine, too. The nice thing about the Diana one is that it's not too hard to find, since it was a pretty popular style. I'm going to save up for it and look for one in caviar with an authenticity card. I can't say I care too much about the dustbag or box though.

    Boutique Patina currently has one right now in caviar. It looks pretty nice except the bottom has a scratch on the leather. I would get this but I'm waiting for a little bit longer and save up so I don't feel backed up in a financial corner when I make this purchase. And waiting for one with an authenticity card. I'm only buying Chanel in caviar since I'm a klutz at heart and need the durability even though lambskin is better looking.

    Having said that, Easter is coming up. They might have a sale.