which vintage chanel bag is worth buying

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  1. hi! i need help asap...my friend is selling her vintage chanels and i need to decide on which bag to buy before i meet with her tomorrow. here are the pix of the bags. i've never seen anyone with the style of the black bag except for one pix i saw of princess diana, but it looks too formal for me. i need your opinion asap. thanks!


  2. I prefer the colour and style of the yellowish one:tup:
  3. thanks nvchampagne! it's actualy beige. it has a shorter single strap than the black one which i prefer.
  4. any other opinions?
  5. Beige, it's a more classic style.
  6. thanks cyndee! i need some more feedback though so i could finally decide.
  7. what i like about the black purse is the chain lock of the strap. the beige one only has fixed links connected to the purse itself.


  8. beige
  9. Hmm I actually like the black one more...
  10. I like the black!
  11. thanks everyone for your votes! but still can't decide. by the way, i just learned from other threads that the locks/clips in the black bag's chain strap is actually for adjusting the length of the straps. but how does it work? i've been trying to search for photos but found none.
  12. I like the beige one more.
  13. I like the black! But the beige does look good too.
  14. if you dont have a black chanel flap bag yet you should take that one... but if i were you I would buy both...lol
  15. caviar leather looks so nice and it easier to maintain than the lambskin... I have yet to get one but my mom has serveral and they look better than the lambskin because lambskin scratchs more...well at least mine does