Which Vert Thyme City?

  1. Do you think I should get the new Vert Thyme with SGH or just keep it simple with the classic RH?

    I will be using it just as much as my Steel City RH. I am using the Steel almost everyday right now and I want another City to even out the workload.

    I love the RH and think the raised brass looks great against that army green / vert thyme colour...

    I think the SGH is edgy and up to the minute and it looks equally as good on the green. I just worry the GH is too much on a City size bag for everyday use.

    I use the shoulder strap a lot...I think I am leaning towards the SGH at present...

    What do you all think?
  2. KDC, i really :heart: pinay's RH Vert Thyme City. I like the classic RH myself. That shade of green does look awesome with both SGH and GGH so that is a tough decision. I say go for the RH, however, I do agree that the GH is a lot on a city. BUT.....SGH would look so pretty too! Good luck!!
  3. You should go for what you like better!!!

    For me, i'm a classic girl so definitely RH for me esp in the city style. GH is abit too blingy and heavy for me...
  4. I LOVE the SGH on Vert Thyme. I agree that it can look a bit much on the city bags, but usual that's the case with GGH. Go for it!
  5. GH is a bit dressier, so I guess it depends on what you tend to wear on a daily basis?

    I do prefer the look of SGH against vert thyme, and in the pics I've seen, the GH VT seems to have nicer leather?
  6. rh
  7. I personally prefer the RH but I do think the SGH looks fab, I just don't think I could carry something so blingy. But go with your instincts because really, you won't be disappointed either way, right? = )
  8. I got my PT with SGH, which looks amazingly unblingy on VT, compared to SGH on Violet, for example. There is something kind of subdued about it, maybe just the combination of the particular color with the silver. But if you are a RH lover, go with what works for you.
  9. I'm a RH girl but I think the VT would look fab with silver! Good luck deciding!
  10. I vote for rh especially if it's on the City. I think GH looks too crowded on the City. It sees all hardware and little leather. Bottom line, get what you love, but that would be my choice on any City bag. I've had both sent all GH back.
  11. He, he, he, I look forward to posting pics of my VT SGH City! Thanks everyone!
  12. Heya KDC, I'm in a similar dilemma. Have both a RH and SGH Magenta coming to me and wondering which I should pass up. My practical side goes, oh RH is lighter, costs less and weighs less, but my heart goes NOooooo SGH is soooooo pretty! So I'm afraid I can't help you out, but to let you know we're in the same boat. Whatever you decide don't settle for second best because after a while you'll just go hunting for your first choice again. I'm trying to make the right choice too!
  13. That was a tough decision, but I think ur choice is great! I personally love the look of gh w/city... Sometimes I think the gh work is bling-i-er than a gh city even though many would disagree, because in general lt is a much bigger bag than the city even though the hw is a bit more crowded....Because it is a smaller bag so it doesn't always stand out as much as a gh work.
  14. Thanks mintpearl, I think I have made the right decision. Once worn in too it will drape fabulously!

    ^^Jo_ee...I think you should go for the SGH on Magenta...BG Pink is the same...It is such a stunning colour and it needs to be something extra special. The RH on the new Magenta isn't a stand out for me...
  15. Nice choice, please post pics and tell us about the leather when you get her.

    I'd love to vert thyme city (probably) as well and like you I use my steel city lots too -- the leather is wonderful.