Which version oil of olay wipes to buy for cleaning bbags?

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  1. I want to try powderpuff100's trick of using oil of olay facial wipes for cleaning corners and handles. But I went to the drugstore and found that there are multiple versions of oil olay facial wipes. Ones for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and so on. What made me nervous was that some of the versions have petrolatum (petroleum jelly) as the first ingredient.

    Does anyone know which is the best version to use?
  2. I am curious as well. :yes:

  3. I am hoping someone who knows, will answer your question. I saw powderpuff's note too, and have just purchased my first previously loved (probably last too, sniff $$$) Balenciaga. Of course the handles are dark, and I'm dying to make it perfect.
    I too ran to the drugstore to buy the Oil of Olay wipes and stood there for at least 10 minutes reading the labels. I ended up getting the daily wash ones, mostly because it was the only one that didn't say something about having a "scrub," component. I figured anything that said, "scrub," meant it had some kind of abrasive in it.
    I got up the courage (stupidity???) to use it gingerly, and whoa!! some color came off on the wipe. Not dirt, but color. I stopped PDQ, but when it dried the part I'd wiped was indeed lighter. It does look AWFULLY dry though, and I'm holding my breath while I wait for the Apple Conditioner. My fingers are itching to work on it some more, but I'm very nervous. Anybody else experiment? :wtf:
  4. I just got oil of olay daily facials express wet. It was the only thing that was available and since it said that it lifts away dirt and does not have alcohol, i tried it on the corners of my soiled natural city. It improved a little bit, and the corners are still dark. I do not know at this point whether it is really soiled or the color or leather is already worn. I desperately need a magnifying glass to see closely. I can only do this and apply my bag cleaners/moisturizers when I get back home. (I am vacationing right now). I am crossing my fingers that it improves.
  5. I would not recommend anything like this ... basically the darkness of the handles is caused by oils and dirt soaked into the leather...so it's really next to impossible to remove it without removing some of the leather color. I think Powderpuff's wipes method is mostly a maintenance thing...just to lightly wipe off any surface dirt.

    My opinion is that there IS NO SOLUTION for darkened handles other than getting them refinished. I have yet to see any before/after pics that impressed me (other than the refinished handles)... but I'm ready to be proved wrong if anyone wants to post some. ;)
  6. Mmmm...I think I'll try LMB's newer formulations they developed specifically for Balenciaga bags.

    Thanks for the warning fiatllux!
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