Which version of this shoe is better?

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  1. not keen on either but I'd say the first.
  2. I'm not feelin' either but I would agree, probably the first. If you purchase, I would walk around the house in them to make sure they are comfy - MBMJ shoes are known to be painful if worn for a long time!
  3. I agree with the others. One is better than two, but neither float my boat.
  4. I'm really not crazy about either. Maybe you should order them both just to see how they feel. Since the style is sort of heavy, perhaps the no-plat seems lighter for summer. :flowers:
  5. i agree...
  6. Oh well. I am sort of disappointed no one likes them! Does any one have a suggestion for a versatile, cool but not too dressy, brown sandal?
  7. I prefer the platform, it works better with the color palette and overall look of the shoe
  8. i kinda like the color combo, but would choose the platform over the other pair. i think mbmj designs are quirky and girlish...so not everyone may like them...as long as you do, that's all that matters.
  9. I like them! And platforms are hot this season; I'd definitely go with the platforms!
  10. Thanks- I feel better that someone likes them too. I thought they were the perfect color combo to wear with every little summer dress I have.
  11. I like them too! I think they are cute for summer. I would prefer the first one.
  12. If you want to keep them long term, I would go with the non-platform version second pair. They are less trendy. If you are just going to wear them for a season and get rid of them, then the platform is OK.
  13. I really like these -- especially the platform. I find MJ shoes to be uncomfortable, though. The platform might help with that.
  14. Not my style, but for longer walking times I'd definitely go with the platform. Thinner soles at the toe area can really start to make you feel every little rock on the ground by the end of a day of walking.