which vernis zippy would you choose????

  1. Do you like the pomme zippy or the amarante zippy best. thanks;)
  2. I like the Pomme! Since wallets are used so often, there are going to be tons of fingerprints on it! But if that doesn't bother you, then get amarante! Otherwise pomme is a good pick... it's gorgeous and finger-print free!
  3. Amarante...I am biased though...:p
    zippy amarante 001.jpg
  4. Pomme! :yes:
  5. I vote for pomme
  6. Pomme! It's so bright and pretty.
  7. Another POMME vote here.
  8. Amarante if you can deal with fingerprints, otherwise Pomme Pomme Pomme!!!
  9. Pomme because it gives a smile on my face whenever I see it!
  10. I like 'em both but I've heard people complain that the amarante really shows fingerprints, so......you decide!
  11. Pomme!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have any small leather goods in this color yet but I'm hoping for the french purse with 8 CC slots.
  12. I like the Pomme Colour.
  13. Pomme! Such a stunning color.
  14. Pomme... love the color.
  15. I love my pomme zippy so another vote for pomme.. :smile: