Which Vernis Cosmetic Pouch?

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  1. Hello, ladies and gents! I am hoping to purchase a cosmetic pouch before the price increase but am completely undecided on color. At first I thought I wanted pomme but now the amethyste has caught my eye. Which color would you choose? I am wanting something to hold all my loose items (pens, sanitizer, lip gloss, etc) inside my Neverfull MM in DE and Mono Artsy MM. Thanks in advance!
  2. I personally like the pomme better!!!👍
  3. Love the pomme
  4. I vote the amythest
  5. Saw the amethyst in person yesterday. Beautiful color if you like purple. Otherwise I say go for pomme or noir.
  6. I went ahead and ordered the pomme. I'm not really a purple person. I really wish the Vernis came in the GM size. I'm generally a "go big or go home" kinda girl. If its too small, I may exchange for mono GM.
  7. Does the amethyste have shimmer like the pomme or is it more like rose indien?
  8. Honestly I've never looked at the rose indien because I'm not a pink person so I can't really compare. It looked like it was a flatter color if that makes sense? I didn't look at it too closely because I got distracted but I did think to myself that it was a pretty purple. It could have had some shimmer. Sorry.. Not much help. ;)
  9. Definitely makes sense! The RI is a flatter color and does not have the shimmer of the pomme...:smile:
  10. I vote for pomme! But get the color that makes you smile most!
  11. +1
  12. Good choice on the pomme!