which vernis colors are peminent now?

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  1. Hi

    Can You please tell me which colors will stay for a while and how long?
  2. I was told by my SA that the Pomme and Amarante are here to stay.
  3. Thanks
    and blue nuit? maybe pink.. i have seen them a lot in stores?
  4. according to my SA pomme, amarante, rose pop, orange sunset, and possibly bleu nuit will be around for awhile
  5. thank You :hugs:
    can You tell me what is for a while.. 1 year -2 .. i am new to LV
  6. I wish Violette wasn't discontinued, it's so pretty. :tdown:
  7. Oh me too....that and perle :sad:
  8. I agree I'm really sad that violette is gone
  9. Usually two years, pending popularity.
  10. i wish they never took away framboise!!!!!! I love that color sooo much!!!!!!! and im currently loving the rosepop too! hope they dont stay away for a while since im still saving up for the alma...ahahhahaha LVoe it!!!!!!
  11. None of them are ever permanent, unfortunately. However, we have seen some colors stay around longer than others.