Which Vernis Color Goes Best with Monogram?

  1. There's no LV store anywhere near me, so I have to rely on internet pics and ordering things (and then returning them, if necessary) from elux or lv.com, or LV stores. So far, I've determined that although the Amarante is absolutely, undeniably GORGEOUS on its own -- it just doesn't look great with Monogram.:crybaby:I mean, that's just my opinion, but I thought the look was too dark. So then I tried Pomme, thinking the red would really POP! against the Mono, but I didn't love that either.:oh:

    Is there a Vernis Color that works GREAT with Monogram? I'm thinking of a key cles, or an agenda for inside my Tivoli GM, and/or possibly a key cles, key chain, or other adornment for the outside. Any ideas? Pics?!? Pretty please?!?

    Has anyone put a gold miroir heart on a Tivoli GM? (Assuming I could even find one...) Help!
  2. pomme!
  3. I agree with hawaii!
  4. You'll find most folks will respond with POMME!
  5. Check out the new Epi color.... Grenade.... it is a beautiful pomegranate color.
  6. pomme! but i'm biased cuz i like red :wlae:
  7. I'm sucker for the amaranthe.
  8. I think most will say pomme. If you can find a gold heart, I think that would look cute on a bigger bag.
  9. pommeeee...
  10. framboise :smile: i love that combo!

    or pomme.
  11. Since you aren't loving the red...what colors do you like? LV has hit a lot with their vernis line. The pearl is very striking, but delicate, and framboise while hard to find is lovely with a girly charm, and the new violette is just yummy and pops in a totally different way than the pomme.

    Since coming over to LV, I've decided that mono goes with everything, so find a color that you like and go with that.

    But, if not red...then try purple!
  12. pomme :heart:
  13. most definitely POMME!
  14. framboise looks hot the new violette looks good too
  15. I think tan and gold look best with the monogram color scheme. There are a few pieces to be found on eBay that you may be interested in.