Which Vernis bag should I buy?

  1. Hi ladies!

    So I think I'm going to spring for a new Vernis bag and exchange the mandarin pochette....I've narrowed down my choices to the Reade PM or Roxbury Drive--I'd love to track down an indigo in either style but I'm not sure if any are left anywhere. I love the red but I already have a red epi speedy, not really a pink person so no framboise, thus I think the noisette might be the most versatile for me. Thoughts?
    LV Reade.jpg LV Roxbury.jpg
  2. If you want noisette then go for the Roxbury Drive.
  3. I love my reade, I've been carrying it a lot lately!
  4. Roxbury Drive:yes: imgg just got one and it's gorgeous:love:
  5. I'd go for the roxybury...it's unique shape is lovely, you can carry it two ways and it's so elegant! but if you'd like to carry more contents and want something more for day to day use and don't mind handcarrying a bag go for the reade!! regardless they are both beautiful!!
  6. I really don't love the new beige...I've got the french purse and keyholder in that and sometimes I think its not as beautiful as vernis should be.
    I'l go for red if you can still find them - they are breath taking.
    Again like the other gals my vote goes to roxybury also. reade is boring
  7. I have a beige reade and love it! It hold a ton and very versatile.
  8. i love the Reade PM!!! get that one!
  9. I love the Roxbury! :yes:
  10. Robury!! For Sure Its Great
  11. oh yeah, go for the roxbury! it is a gorgeous bag!
  12. Reade PM
  13. Roxbury! Elegant & unique
  14. Reade!
  15. Hello- I just got off the phone with LV last night looking for a roxbury in indigo...:hysteric: NONE left! I was so disappointed. I had received the Indigo Reade Pm yesterday and felt it was a little too small. So- I am trying to decide what to do...return the Reade and possibly wait for something on ebay or buy a different style that is more expensive and forego spending money for a while- OH what to do...any suggestions please let me know:flowers: