Which venentia is purrtier....maroon or pomegranate?


Maroon or Pomegranate Venentia?

  1. Maroon

  2. Pomegranate

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  1. Hello everyone.....I'd like to know which color venentia is the purrtiest. I have a venetia in peacock and would like a purple/red color to round out the selection.

    The maroon is the purply color and pomegranate the more reddish of the two...

    Thanks in advance for your opinions!! When it comes to MJ I value your opinions most of all. :flowers:
    pomegranate.jpg maroon.jpg
  2. I voted for the Maroon because I like how purple it is. I like red but I prefer the tomato to the pomegranate version. Melly's new Maroon Venetia is so gorgeous that I think that also helped me go with the maroon! :yes:
  3. Ditto with the maroon color. I think it's a really versatile color and it's more rare than the pomegranate.
  4. I love how the maroon looks with the gold hardware, so I have to vote for that one!
  5. another vote for MAROON! such a pretty color.
  6. I don't know. I don't think you could go wrong with either. They're both gorgeous. haa I'm not much help.
  7. i like both colors, but i prefer the pomegranate. i can't really give a good reason why. i just like the color a little bit better than the maroon.
  8. I love the POMEGRANITE!!!!!
  9. OH NO!!

    Maroon was mopping the floor with pomegranate, and making my decision much easier.. :boxing: Until pomegranate came out of nowhere to make a huge come back. It is now exaclty 50/50 with 7 votes each. Decisions decisions.

    Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback! Cant wait to see the final outcome.

  10. I love the Pom. It would look so pretty snuggled up with your Peacock Venetia. Also, a Stella in Pom is my MJ dream bag. I will find it!
  11. They're both fab colours, love maroon, the red suede lining always cheers me up when I look at it. The Pom is great as well, nice brown cotton lining so should be lighter. Sorry I'm no help at all, no wait maroon, lots of red bags around, it's much harder to find a really nice maroon bag. :smile:
  12. I prefer the pomegranate. I like it because it is more reddish and although I normally like purple shades, I don't really like the shade of the maroon as much for some reason.
  13. Pomegranate - without question. THIS is the color IMO that will work with almost ANY outfit. I personally think that red is becoming the black of the millenium... I will conceed that the Maroon is def a pretty color and indeed hard to find-but as use I think that the pomegranate will be easier to get along with :yes:
  14. I might be biased but I voted for the maroon. I have only taken my maroon Venetia out twice but both times I was stopped and complimented on the stunning unique color. Regardless of which one you choose though you'll end up with a beautiful bag. Good luck! :smile:
  15. Maroon is one of the best colors EVER!