Which Vachetta Protector?

  1. Which one to use, Apple Gard or Shining Monkey and why?

    Could you use the coach leather protector in place of Apple Gard?
  2. I would suggest shining monkey, also I would like to know if you can use the coash stuff on your lv too.
  3. apparently some people use the Coach cleaner, and it works :shrugs:
  4. I've used the coach moisturizer to spot clean little smudges, etc. off of my speedy handles. I don't think it would work as a leather protector. My handles have already started to patina, so they are not naked white. I am not recommending the use of it though b/c it does say on the bottle "not recommended for use on vachetta leather".
  5. I have always used Apple Guard and I have never had a problem with it. I rather like it but I have never tried Shining Monkey.
  6. Oh my yeuxhonnets! :wtf: I just now saw your thread. This happened to me and my Batignolles. My Speedy 35 is older than my Batignolles but has more patina than my Speedy which I've carried a bit!

    I can't recommend any vachetta protectors but I am quite displeased with applegarde so I don't recommend that.

    yeuxhonnets, did the applegarde give your vachetta a slight shine too? It did mine. :rant:
  7. Shining monkey. No dry time. It's terrific.
  8. Agreed.:yes:
  9. I may have oversprayed my speedy 35, but SM did the same thing to my tabs as happened to yours with the AG. They are still darker. :crybaby:
  10. not really. it just made it darker and it's still that way :censor:
  11. but i thought shining monkey is for car use? would it damage the vachetta? and does it delay patina process?
  12. heptane
  13. I personally use both the coach leather cleaner and moisturizer on my vachetta for my Manhattan PM. It works wonderfully. But be forewarn that you should only start using it after your vachetta starts to patina slightly. Mine is currently a nice warm tan color (Not dark or black). It's actually quite clean and nice. The moisturizer also adds a shine to it. The label says don't use it on Vachetta but I say it works fine. I had green and black on the vachetta handles from a recent trip to California. I was :cursing: but then the trusty Coach cleaner and moisturizer combo made it really clean again. If you want some pictures or want to ask more questions, feel free to contact me.