which usps shipping method provide tracking and signature for international?

  1. i have a few international buyers interested in my listings and ask for paypal. i always do wire transfer since paypal offer pretty restricted seller protection. i wonder which usps international shipping method offer tracking and signature so i can extend the payment method. thanks!
  2. If you want tracking, you MUST go with Priority Mail or Express Mail. I don't know of a signature confirmation on any of the USPS international services, but I could be wrong. I ship internationally using USPS quite a bit and haven't ever seen it as an option.
    Also, tracking is pretty incomplete via USPS. If you use a flat rate envelope or small flat rate box, there is NO tracking. Many of the others I've shipped that say they can be tracked get as far as "accepted into foreign customs" and never show up as "delivered."
  3. I wanted to know the same thing. It seems like everytime I send it international they wont allow signature with scares me.
    Is UPS or Fedex safer???
  4. UPS and FedEx may cost you more though. Also be wary of custom charges too.
  5. UPS and Fedex charge an arm and a leg for brokerage fees on international shipments so they are not a great option. Canada Post says the same thing about signature so I get tracking, insurance and hope for the best. So far it has been fine. Interestingly enough, on all the Priority and Express shipments I receive from the US, the postman always requires a signature. So ... :shrugs:.
  6. For INTL shipments (to UK & AU) I have always used USPS INTL Express, and was able to obtain ins, online tracking & online sig confirm. The biggest problems I have had is not being able to always get the person at the PO to fully comprehend exactly what it is I need.
    Once the parcel leaves US, the customs form # has been trackable via Parcelforce.
  7. Maybe u should mention the country u are sending it to.
    Normally I feel that once the parcel leaves US, its up to the buyer's country main courier service to do the delivery.

    First Class, Priority should have tracking. I recd both before and both required signature because its delivered by a faster courier service in my country. however, the record should be for the local courier. no idea if USPS will get it if they require one

    Again, tracking wont be updated promptly on seller's courier co
    Item may be delivered but might only show delivered 5hrs later etc
  8. my real question here is international shipping under paypal seller's protection. i have been extra cautious b4 to accept wire transfer only because protection is valid only if signature confirmation provided. does usps intl service provide signature confirmation #? if i dont have the confirmtion, does that mean i dont qualify for protection? paypal policy is confusing...
  9. Why not use Fedex or DHL instead? I think USPS express mail only provide tracking and delivery confirmation. Im not exactly sure though.
  10. PayPal policy IS confusing.

    My *personal* experience- can't speak for others- is that my packages with international DC only sometimes show up as "delivered" and often don't. Flat rate envelope and small flat rate box don't carry the service at all, according to what is stated on the USPS website.

    First class mail does not have any tracking, speaking from personal experience only and what is on the USPS website. PayPal does NOT have seller protection unless it shows up as "delivered"... at least according to PP last time I called.
  11. I ALWAYS do USPS Express Mail International when shipping outside the US. They provide up-to-date tracking info and are still cheaper than FedEx and UPS.
  12. So Ellie Mae if you are shipping a package to Australia and use USPS Intl Express they do provide tracking and SIGNATURE confirmation??? And in your past experience about how long for the package to be received ?
  13. OP
    I am having the same exact problem. I sold a $695 bag to someone in Ireland and they paid via paypal. I did USPS Express International online and was hoping to be able to purchase signature confirmation and extra insurance at the post office.
    Q: If I can't get signature confirmation, then the USPS insurance should cover me if the buyer states the package was never received?

  14. Today I went to the post office to ship a bag to Australia, I was shipping it international express and they said they could NOT give me INSURANCE :nuts:, the PO lady told me we guarentee it will get to Australia on Jan 13th, so what happens after that???? What if I gets lost in Australia? Where is my protection, she did not have an answer except open up a claim, how could I IF I'M NOT INSURED? They told me they don't give tracking once it gets in another country :nuts: AND NO SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION :nuts:, well I never shipped international before so I had to cancel the transaction and I refunded the buyer. My question is how did you get insurance, tracking and signature confirmation??? Was it the people at my post office. They all seemed totally confused, I guess they are not familiar with international shipping.
  15. I've always been able to buy INS on INTL USPS shipments in the past. As to a CLAIM, never had to file one, so don't know how worthy it is.

    LET LINDA P ANSWER THIS ONE..... she's the resident PO expert IMO.