Which up & coming designers do you like?

  1. I have my designer bags but I also have a love of lesser known up & coming designers. Some I have are Dutchy, Ananas, Ani, Lauren Merkin (a little more well known) & Botkier (OK, probably more mainstream..) I'm looking really hard at the Gustto bags too. Any other good ones?
  2. Thomas Wylde.. i am so in love with that Paula Thomas's design
  3. Hayden- Harnett! =)
  4. Hi acegirl, I like the look of the Dutchy bags online, what's the quality like in real life? Just asking out of curiosity :biggrin: Thanks.
  5. Hi! I was really pleased with the quality. The leather has a pretty sheen to it. I have the medium Nana Doc in Teal & Aloe (Green). I have gotten lots of compliments on them. Even more than with some of my high end designer bags (go figure!)
  6. Their website is www.dutchy.net if you want to check out more of them. I ordered mine from lunaboston.com. Also, jcmadison.com (formerly shoppingallure.com) is a great site & a bit cheaper than luna. I haven't heard of Christopher Kon, gotta check that out!
  7. I love Hayden Harnett, even though I have read some not-so-good customer service stories lately. Their Mercer satchel is brilliant!

    Also, I have seen some ThickSkin bags on here that look pretty cool, too.
  8. Acegirl, you can see some Christopher Kon bags on bagshop.com and jacquelinejarrot.com.

    What about Aaneta and Elissa Atheniense?
  9. I love jacquelinejarrot.com! They have the best bags. I just saw an Anja Flint bag that I must have on there. I like the C. Kon bags too! Thanks for the tip. :nuts: The Elissa Atheniense "Lotus" bags seem to be really hot right now. I also forgot to include Goldenbleu bags as another pick of mine! Don't have one yet but I'd love to get their new Delia bag. SOOO many bags!...
  10. I also like Rebecca Minkoff - just ordered a bag and it is beautiful!
  11. Congrats, Tori! Any pics, please?

    How about Emily by Emily?

    And slightly off-topic, while Tano isn't a new designer, they have got some great-looking and what's more (I think) reasonably-priced bags:

    Tano Sexbomb Crunch $174 (not including shopping)

    Has anyone bought from Standard Style before?
  12. My camera battery is recharging - I'll post pics soon. It's the Morning After Bag.

    Right now my faveorite bag is by Tano! Love the leather. And yes, they are very reasonably priced.

    I also have a couple of Chelsey Henry bags.
  13. Look forward to seeing your pics, Tori (if you don't mind, could you include a pic of your Tano as well? :biggrin: ) Many thanks.