Which umbrella should I get??

  1. I cant decide between these two umbrella ughhhh lol I love pink but the tattersall pattern is so cute!!


  2. I have the second one in different optic colors and I love it, but sometimes I don't find myself using it as much because it just *screams* Coach.

    I do like the first one though, and the bamboo handle is cute!
  3. 1st one.. i like the stripes.. but it doesnt really scream coach.. kinda looks like burburry
  4. I say Tattersall! It's more "all-season friendly" :biggrin:
  5. Yes the first one for me too.. I am a little shy on the second one although it's freaking cute :greengrin:
  6. lol I live in Arizona so it really hardly rains here ha ha so when it does rain wohoo I am thinking pink because it might brighten up my day?? I don't like when it rains its depressing :sad: but I love the tattersall lol decisions decisions
  7. I love the legacy one too!!! it's really darn cute!!!
  8. I like the first one.
  9. I vote for tattersall! It will match more outfits! :yes:
  10. Oh dear! I love the tattersall umbrella, but I prefer the knob handle on the optic umbrella. lol :nuts:

    I'll vote for the tattersall. It looks so nice, and goes with everything you wear. Plus it doesn't "scream" Coach, like the other tPFers have said.
  11. I looked on eBay and that pink umbrella is listed everywhere it seems like.. but there isnt one tattersall one on there it seems to be more unique
  12. The pink, definately the pink!
  13. I think the tattersall is less "blatantly" coach - more subdued, so my style. I can see the pink scarf print getting a little old. What bags do you carry?

    sidenote - there was a super cute teal & cyan one at the outlet last weekend :biggrin:
  14. well its official I ordered the tattersall umbrella I will try to take a picture of it when I get it.. and i am watching some boots with the tattersall pattern on them to go with my new umbrella mmm cute!!!
  15. congrats! :tup: I was going to vote for the tattersal.. way cute! :tup: PS You are going to keep Coach in business girl! ;)