Which Uggs do I buy?


Dec 15, 2009
ok. i just had my bf's car broken into and my uggs stolen! three pairs. i was bringing them over to a friends who was going to try to clean them for me. So OF COURSE they were limited edition ones no longer available. But insurance will replace them. I want ones that i will get the most wear out of. I NEVER wear pants (dont have any) and tend to get lazy and not take them off wearing them all day at work. I know they look kinda silly, but i live in a city wear its -30 celsius BEFORE windchill! so which do you guys think are the most versatile ones. I wear mostly black, grey, burgandy, blue and brown

so......... of the following 8, which 3?

Baily Button in black, brown or grey
Classic Cardys in brown or grey
Classic Tall in black brown or grey

I still have black classic cardys and chocolate brown emus - my two pairs that are left are shown below



Sep 9, 2007
Sorry your bf's car got broken into and your uggs are gone...

Since you still have a chocolate brown and black pair, I'd go for the Tall classic in Grey.

Bailey Button is cute too, but I tend to stick with the classics...