Which Uggs - Classic Cardy or Classic Tall Metallic?

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    I need help! I've been ordering way too many uggs from Zappos in search of the perfect pair. Thanks goodness for their free return policy!! I've ordered youth and ladies sizes in several styles. I was fortunate enough to snag classic cardy's in grey and black, and just today I ordered a pair of classic tall metallic pewter. If you could only have one pair, which would you pick? Since they are all so hard to find, I feel like keeping one pair of each, but I don't know if I can justify it. I like that the cardy's are versatile, but I'm afraid they might get snags, and what happens if they get a little wet? Will they be played out by next year? Plus, they are only sheepskin in the footbed, but I do get hot easy. I'm sure the classic talls would last longer. I thought they might be better in the snow, but I'm not sure if they would look like shiny moonboots. Help!!!

    Ok, here are my stats:
    I'm a 31 year old stay at home Mom with a 21 month old son
    I'm 5'3" and very petite with very skinny long legs
    My toes are always cold, but I can get overheated when running doing errands in other tall boots - have not had uggs before though
    I mostly wear black and cool colors
    I have an elegant/classic/dressy style - but I could be more casual running around with my son
    I mostly wear darker wash jeans and sweaters in the winter
    I live in Indiana, and it's been super cold and we have tons of snow
    I would probably wear whatever I buy around the house as well
    I have a St Bernard who sheds a TON, so I would lint roll black cardy's ALOT
    I have very finicky, flat feet

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!
  2. to be honest, i'm just personally not crazy about the metallic ugg line in general. i have the gray cardys and i love them though! they're great to slouch with a skirt or to tuck jeans into. i like the slouch look better than just wearing regular uggs with things. i never tuck my jeans into my classics!
  3. Thanks so much for the response! I probably should have waited to see the metallic in person first. Since I've only seen pics, I'm not sure if I'll like the shine in person. I do love the grey cardy's though. How do your cardy's hold up when it's not completely dry outside? Does waterproofing/stain spray do anything for them? I don't intend to trudge through snow in them, but I don't want soaking wet feet, if the toes get some snow on them. Also, have you had any snags? Thanks again!!
  4. Also, the cardy's are plenty warm even though it's only sheepskin in the footbed. I was actually a little surprised at how warm they were when I wore them out.
  5. I have several pairs of uggs, including the cardy. They are by far my favorite because they can be worn is sooo many ways. They are really easy to tuck jeans into as well, which is a huge plus in my book. I've worn them quite a bit this winter and have had no problems with snags. I will say that I have a pair of classic tall uggs that are 4 years old and those are the ones that I wear in the snow. If you plan to wear yours in the snow, I would think that the black would quickly get that "salt ring".
  6. Thanks so much for the advice! I haven't made a final decision, but now I'm thinking maybe keep one pair of the cardy's. Then maybe get ugg inserts for the boots I've been wearing in the snow. They aren't bad comfort wise, and they look decent, but they could be more plush inside. Maybe I could justify a pair of classic's next year, and then I could get a full winter out of them. Since it will warm up soon (VERY wishful thinking) maybe the cardy's are more practical? Ok, so if I keep the cardy's, should I keep the grey or black? Zappos is going to want to kill me! The number of shoes I have returned is ridiculous.
  7. I am so with you on the returns to Zappos Summer Bree! I just purchased the Ugg Cardys in Black from Zappos about 2 weeks ago and I am still debating on whether to keep them. I want to wear them so badly but living in Chicago I am concerned. I think they are super cute and I love the versatility but how easy are they to clean? Obviously you cannot stain guard them (can you)? And you wouldn't take the Ugg Cleaner and rub on it to clean them would you? It looks like the fibers would get messed up from rubbing on them. So how do you clean them? Is the washing machine out of the question?
  8. I'm totally with you on your cardy concerns!! I'm very close to Chicago, so we have very similar weather (TONS of snow!) I'm wondering the same things, so if any cardy owner's can chime in we would appreciate it!!
    My Metallic Pewter Classics should be here tomorrow, well I guess later today now! I'm excited to see them in person. I'll post again once they get here.
  9. :goodpost: i'd love to know too!!! ^^
  10. I have the metallic pewters, I've had them a few months now and they're definitely not very shiny (and never were).
    They're nowhere near as shiny as the classic shorts in silver if that helps.

    I sprayed mine with water protector and so far they're doing fine, even after being snowed on a lot for quite a few hours!
  11. #11 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    Thanks so much! I was wondering about spraying them. Good to know it works! did you use the ugg brand or something else?

    The metallic pewters just came in and I'm wearing them now. I'm still trying to decide, but my goodness, they are they comfy! I agree, they really aren't shiny at all. They just have more of a leather/like sheen. They are SO soft!!! The outside is like butter and the insides are fabulous! I have very sensitive skin and usually don't tolerate wool very well. I am not itchy AT ALL!
    Hmmm, still wondering about cleaning & durability of the cardy's....anybody?
  12. Ok, a question for the classic tall metallic owners - Have you have the finish come off at all? Also was the footbed not super super plush?

    After my OCD inspection of the pewter metallic's, it almost looks like if they got scratched, the finish would come off. Now, I'm wondering about their durability as well. I want to keep whatever I decide on for at least a few years. Also, the footbed doesn't seem as plush as some of the other styles I tried. It almost seems sort of flat already.

    Sorry to run this into the ground, just trying to decide.
  13. Nope I didn't use the Ugg brand spray, just a generic one I got from a shoe shop ages ago. I gave them a good coating too.
    They are fabulously comfy - these are my first Uggs and I'm already saving for my next pair! Wearing mine today in fact :P
    I am very OCD too, and I will be honest. The top of the foot part on the outside has got a little bit duller from wear, but the surface definitely doesn't scratch off. It's very hard to notice since it's a uniform change, it doesn't bother me anyway.
    My footbed is still hugely comfy after a lot of wear, it flattens a little to the shape of your foot as it's meant to, but they're still the softest things I've ever worn.
  14. Since you live near snow I'd keep the metallics. I think they're a nice color plus you won't be as worried about staining/ snow. I do think the cardi's are cute, but maybe you can purchase those for next year.
  15. Thanks so much for all the advice! I really appreciate it!....ok, for my decision...drumroll please......Classic Tall Pewter!! Yay :yahoo:

    I think that for now, the cardy's are just not practical for me. We have so much snow, that I wouldn't have any opportunity to even wear them! I'm thinking maybe I will wait and get a pair next fall.
    I loved the pewter metallic's, but I was a bit worried as the footbed seemed flattened out and the right boot also seemed stretched out. Amazingly, as I stalked Zappos, another pair in my size popped up, so I snatched them. They came yesterday and what a difference!!! The footbed is nice and cushy and they fit SO much better! The finish looks much better as well. The first pair seemed fragile, like they would scratch or tear easily. These seem sturdier, but are still super soft. I wonder if the first ones where just not first quality, or if someone wore them quite a bit, before returning them. Anyway, long story short, I'm in LOVE with my new metallics and can't wait to put them on!!! I bought some protectant spray at the store, and if I'm brave, I'll spray them today. I'm now an ugg addict, and I definately need another pair next year! I wish I would have had them months ago!

    Thanks so much!!!!