Which type of bag closure do you prefer?

  1. I noticed that most of my bags have zip-top closures. For example: Zoe, Carly, Heritage Stripe, Leah and Legacy. I am considering the Parker shoulder strap because the leather is so very soft and it is on clearance! But it only has a center magnetic snap closure. So I am not sure if that will work for me or not. I just feel that my stuff may fall out all over the place.

    Closure types:
    Zipper top
    Breakaway zipper
  2. For me is zip top closures. Less hassle.
  3. I'm going to say zipper too. I had a magnetic close bag and noticed rain was getting into it (rains a lot here).
  4. I say that I prefer a zip top, but honestly I hardly ever zip it up unless I am in a large crowd and feel like someone would try to pull things out of it.
  5. Definitely the zip top closures!
  6. I prefer the zip top closure, mainly because I sometimes manage to drop my purse or it falls of the seat in the car and everything falls out, drives me crazy. But I loved the Parker should bag so much I got it anyway.
  7. I really like the zip lock because it is sure but I love the Kisslock of my Ergo it is so pretty.
  8. Zip top closures & Turnlock closures for me!
  9. Definitely zipper. From what I have seen on here, most of you don't like the break away zippers but, I actually like them. I sold my hamptons carryall ( with a break away zipper ) not too long ago and I REALLY miss it :s
  10. Ziptop closure, but if I like the bag enough I'll get it even if it has a different closure. I don't do open bags though.
  11. For me, no bags without zipper closures.
  12. zippers are preferred, but i broke my habit and bought a parker hippie (magnetic closure top) recently! love it!
  13. This is so me!! Glad to know I am not the only one!!!
  14. I just changed over into my new Coach 13441 (Im going to get around to taking pics of my July purchases, i swear) flax,purple/silver Parker and it has that kisslock thingie in the middle with 2 magnetic closures for each compartment and i think it will stay closed for sure. It should.

    I usually like zip top too tho. My Parker Riley has 1 magnetic closure. I hope they never lose their magnetic powers. LOL
  15. Zippers and turnlocks are my favorites! Not fussy about magnetic closures and definitely don't like breakaway zippers - they drive me crazy!