which two wallets should I keep??

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which 2 wallets should I keep??

  1. dark brown and pink

  2. pink and tobacco

  3. tobacco and dark brown

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  1. ok so I am starting this poll to help me decide since the DH has no clue!

    I am def keeping both bags, I just can't decide between the three wallets. I can keep two wallets, so help me decide which one to return.

    1. hamptons signature stripe #40634 brass/brown/chestnut
    2. ergo signature scarf (limited edition) #40850 brass/khaki/mahogany (w/pink)
    3. ergo signature belt #40842 brass/khaki/tobacco

  2. 1 and 2 go w both bags. really thoguh, as long as u have number 2, life is good! that is so hot u wont use naything else anyways!
  3. I like the first one and the middle one the best.
  4. Keep Wallet 1 & 2.
  5. I voted for 1 & 2. They are all really nice though!

    Whatever wallet you decide to give up would make a great birthday or Christmas present for someone if you can't return it to the store.
  6. Doh, I voted wrong!!! Dark brown and pink :tender:
  7. The first and second:yes:
  8. dark brown and pink:tup:
  9. I really like the brown and pink one and would keep it just b/c it's le and find another bag to use it with b/c I don't think it goes with your new ergo tote. just my opinion. I really like the other wallet (tobacco) I think it goes well with your new tote.

    I say keep them both. :yes:
  10. I think just the middle one would be great with all of the bags and I would only keep that one.. but if you are really wanting to keep two, I vote #1 and # 2!! :tup:
  11. I vote for the first one and the middle one! They are so cute! And since the pink one and the last one are kinda the same, you won't really be at a loss!
  12. I voted for the dark brown and pink. I think that choc. wallet will go great w/ your chocolate carly and the pink will go great w/ anything caz it's PINK....if you get rid of the pink, I may cry....lol.
  13. But I am glad you are keeping your choc. carly....don't you love her?! She is my fav. bag EVER!!!
  14. I love your pink and brown wallet...I don't think I would ever use another wallet again to be honest. But if you are keeping two than I like the Hamptons to go with your Choc Carly. The third one is pretty too though.
  15. I LOVE #1! I want that wallet! AND I think the SECOND one has amazing colors! Go with them!:tup: AND I think I already told you how much I love that bag!