Which two should I keep?


Which two should I KEEP?

  1. Blanc and Whiskey

  2. Blanc and Choco

  3. Choco and Whiskey

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  1. At one point I had five paddys. Then four . . . and now I am down to three. I only want to keep two, but can't decide on which two to keep. I am trying to make myself stop buying the same bag in multiple colors as I would rather have a more varied bag collection. I currently have a whiskey, 06 choco, and blanc. The whiskey has the best leather and I :heart: the color, but I almost never wear it because I find that in my wardrobe, it only goes with black. The choco has the second best leather (pretty close to the whiskey) and I have been using that a fair amount this winter. The blanc has a very different leather from the other two. It is very pebbly but not as smushy, but it is my only white/cream toned bag and is soooo perfect for summer that I definitely think I want to keep that one. So . . . which two should I keep??:shrugs: HELP!!
  2. well I would keep the cream and the choco. Like you say, the whiskey is a beautiful bag, BUT you dont use it, so you would get an excellent return for your money on this, as lots of people love the whiskey.

    I am like you, I was obsessed by the paddy, but no longer feel the need to have lots of the same bag, there are far too many other gorgeous bags around to limit ourselves to multiple colours of just one bag ;)

    i think if you kept choco and blanc, you would have all wardrobe colours sorted :smile:
  3. chloe-babe makes a lot of sense - as usual!!!
  4. Yes agree with CB - choco & blanc.
  5. In the whiskey minority (I voted choco and whiskey) only because Chloe does the best chocolate, Whiskey is such a great color, and I think it might be easier to find another light color bag you love down the road. (I know you said Whiskey doesn't match as much for you, but it might be hard to say good-bye to it if you love the color).

  6. It appears you all ready made your choice by admitting that the whiskey doesn't get much use. However! I actually agree with the PP. Sell the blanc now (fetch top dollar for the upcoming season) and get another Chloe in white, cream, ecru, blanc, mastic etc......there's always the coveted quilted bay?:idea:
  7. I love the whiskey and so do most paddy owners, so I think you'll definitely be able to sell it. But it sounds like for you and your wardrobe you should keep blanc and chocolate.
  8. I agree with chloe babe! Although, I do love whiskey- ahhhhh! And chocolate! And blanc! Shoot, I am no help!
  9. Choco and blanc get my vote as well....
  10. I would keep the choco and the blanc!
  11. I voted for choco and blanc simply beacuse that are the two paddys that I have chosen:p
  12. I voted Choco and Blanc - mainly because of what you said in your initial thread post about not using Whiskey much but also because I prefer those two colours to Whiskey :yes:
  13. Keep the Blanc and Choco :smile:
  14. Thanks for everyones input! I am going to continue to mull over this and will hopefully be able to make the right decision.