Which two: Datejust 31 + Tank Francaise OR Tank Francaise + LOVE bracelet

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Which two

  1. Datejust 31 and Tank Francaise SS medium

  2. Love bracelet and Tank Francaise SS medium

  1. Feeling verrrry lucky to be able to pick two special pieces to keep forever. Need your help in deciding which two it should be.

    Option 1:
    Rolex Datejust 31, stainless steel, flute bezel, jubilee bracelet, black dial, roman numeral
    Cartier Tank Francaise, medium size, stainless steel

    Vs Option 2:
    Cartier Tank Francaise, medium size, stainless steel
    the Love bracelet, regular version in yellow gold

    My wrist size 5.75inch

    I will get the two only and so grateful as it is. Getting the third piece is not something I want to do/save for in the future. 1BD8768F-9341-4E9E-BD53-ABBBA30F828C.jpeg 6BCEE208-8057-4502-885A-591D089DAB49.jpeg

    For reference, my current and only watch is shown in pics above. Tissot small LeLocle stainless steel, diameter 25mm. Purchased in 2009 (wow nearly ten years). I’m in my mid-thirties now.

    I don’t wear any other jewellery. Have two small kids and my work in media production is 75% physical.

    These would be gifts from me to me. The “must” is the Cartier Tank Francaise.

    My main gripe is Rolex Datejust 31 and LOVE bracelet has the same price tag. Actually love is roughly $1k more than the rolex. It becomes a case of “which one is more worth it?”

    Have I tried them all in stores? Yes I have and they all look soooo beautiful.

    Also worth noting that where I’m from, there are SO many immitation love bracelets, as in real 18k gold in almost accurate grams measurement and exact screw stamp placement and even the screw driver accessory - it’s ridiculous. Of course there are fake cartier and rolex too, but the detail level of replica for the LOVE is pretty high.

    Thanks in advance for reading and I appreciate your input so much.
  2. Get the tank first, since you're sure about it. Neither of the other options are going anywhere, so no hurry to decide!
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  3. If you get two watches you'd only be able to wear one at a time so I'd get the Tank & Love
  4. I always gravitate towards the watch as it tells time, a plus point versus bracelet. It’s easier to fake a Love as it’s just gold but a fake Rolex will always look fake.

    I would go with two watches. Or Tank with a diamond tennis bracelet instead of the Love.
  5. Door number 3: Rolex and the Cartier bracelet. Yes, you might have to add some bucks.
    If it absolutely must be between those two choices, the Tank and the bracelet.
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  6. I would get the Tank and the bracelet, but I'm not a fan of Datejust so its an easy choice for me. In general, I think a watch and a bracelet makes more sense than 2 watches. Then again, instead of getting the Love you can look into a different bracelet if you want something that is less recognisable or less faked.
  7. I like door number 3!