Which two bags would you choose from these??


Which two bags would you choose?

  1. Original coco cabas in black.

  2. Metallic black reissue 227

  3. Medium luxury bowler in black patent

  4. Gucci pelham in white leather guccissima

  5. Other... (please recommend something for me)

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  1. Finally trimmed down my list to these bags but I can only afford 2. Help me decide!!
  2. I don't like patent so I like the regular luxe bowler. I also like the jumbo flap. I voted for metallic 227 and other though.
  3. I voted for the black reissue and the coco cabas. Goodluck!
  4. Definitely, the black metallic reissue.. And One of the bags on my wishlist, The Luxe Patent Bowler.. But I heard it's too big and not as good as the leather one..
  5. I'm not worried about the size. I do like the original leather more...i'm afraid the patent would be too stiff. But since there's only patent this season, i guess i don't have much choice.

    Do you think they'll keep releasing the bowlers from the luxe ligne?
  6. Like others have said I like the leather better than the patent as far as the bowler goes. I voted for that and the original cabas.
  7. I voted for No. 2 & 3...
  8. Metallic black reissue 227
    Medium luxury bowler in black patent
  9. I voted for 2 and 3...one has the classic look, the other has the chic look...perfect combo!:p
  10. Definitely the reissue and luxe bowler! They're on my wishlist too :p
  11. vote for the reissue and the coco cabas.
  12. I chose 1 and 2. A large tote and an edgy yet classic flap.
  13. original coco cabas and a reissue in leather, not patent :p
  14. I vote for 1 & 2. You need one causal bag and one dressy bag!!!! These two are PERFECT!!!!
  15. i like the metallic black reissue best, and i the cabas would be my 2nd choice.