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Which TwiLLy for my Cyclamen??

so guys which one you love more to wrap on each handles of the birkin cyclamen?

  • pink bolduc in pink

  • ex libris twilly in light purple

  • LE twilly in pink n a lil blue

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me =love+shop addict
Dec 21, 2007
H ~appines la la land
hi ladies, i am quite confuse on which twilly to use on my cyclamen birkin handles to wrap it and protect it against dirt and lotion etc from my hand.

this is the picture of the bag and here are the pics of the twillys courtesy of tpf and ebay

which one that you imagine looks nicer on the handles? want somethin that compliment the bag an not to add more crowd to the bag because the bag itself is already an attention grabber haha, honestly i am lack of imagination, your kind help is very much needed, pls vote and any vote countss i =)

1st pic - twilly bolduc in pink
2nd pic - twilly in ex libris purple (it has a cyclamen color in it a lil bit)
3rd pic - is LE twilly



All Things H...
Jan 8, 2010
Ooh based on the photos my first choice would be the second twilly, followed by the first, then the third.

Cyclamen is :heart:!!


May 10, 2010
on the orange slippery slope
thx u ladies for voting, but you gotta see the inspiration for the number 3, the LE omg this pic is stunning and i dont even know how to tie it this waaay? special thx u for the pf-er for this pic =) your pic is inspiring!:P
You need 4 twillies to do this. You wrap and tie normally around the handles the tie a bow with another one at either end.

Edit:: and yes, that TPFer's bag has a tdf look!!