Which twiggy?

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  1. Okay, so I've decided I am going to buy a bbag, and so I'll have to save up a while (i'm a poor student lol) and i was wondering, which colour should I get? I wear mostly brown and black tops, with jeans... and could people post pics of them using/wearing their twiggys? thanks :biggrin: plus, do they fit on the shoulder easily? My arms aren't like Nicole Richie's so....:roflmfao: Thanks :love:
  2. the twiggy was my first balenciaga love :heart: ...i had my heart set on it for 3 years before taking the plunge...i always knew my 1st b-bag had to be black, since it's a staple color...that's what i would suggest for your 1st purchase :yes:
  3. Yep they fit on shoulders with no problem, I am definetely not a Nichole Ritchie either. You should consider the cornflower twiggy. The color looks great with browns and blacks.
  4. Cornflower, that's the lightish blue one yes? I hope they'll still have some lovely colours when i can finally afford mine! Thanks for replying guys :love: Do you have any pics of your twiggys?
  5. thanks, cool pics :smile:
  6. Oh dear! I've been looking at colours, and i want to get the cornflower, Calcaire (sp?) and there's a pink one i want too! arrrgh! I can't afford all these... but they're so nice :love:
  7. hey ya
    this is my cornflower twiggy! i love it!:love: i think this would be a great colour for ya!
    beach 046.jpg
  8. -sigh- that's such a nice bag. I have to start saving NOW! lol.. and if anyone wants to sell theirs, let me know! :graucho: