Which Tumi Rolling Case?

  1. Oh Casamance, totally get the T3 Ducati. Its so much funkier.
    Well the price is so much more though....If I have the budget and if I travel much and will use it a lot of times, I will do the Ducati for sure!
  2. I love the ducati one!! But the other one in pulse blue looks great too. I can see why you're having such a difficult decision. If you're willing to spend $600 on a luggage, I'd go with the ducati. The pulse blue is great too, but a bit too plain for me. Both are great luggages and you can't go wrong with either.
  3. I love the ducati!!! I don't know how much you travel, but take wear and tear and airport baggage handling into consideration...

    I'm a road warrior traveler for my job and my luggage just gets thrashed so fast!!
  4. I love the look of the Ducati one but if you would buy the less expensive one because you would have to check both of these and they will get trashed easily.

    I have two TUMI suitcases and have had one rip the first trip I checked it on.

    FYI - I see you're looking at larger sizer but I have also had issues with their carryon bags not fitting in the overhead compartment when I actually get on the plane (particularly in MD80s). Both of my bags are carryon size.
  5. I like the first 1. ducati :smile:
  6. Thanks for the responses, I'm going to the Tumi boutique tomorrow so we will see what I get. I really like the T3 Ducati, but I already have a different color T3. I don't like the Generation 4 at all - it looks like old Samsonite (I think its supposed to replace the T3 line eventually). I've heard that Tumi stuff holds up really well, a lot of road-warriors, consultants, etc. use this apparently. I travel international about once/month or so.
  7. I would get the briggs and reilly if you travel a lot because of it's lifetime warranty.