Which trends do you secretly wish they would go away?

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  1. For me, I wish the leggings will be forever gone.
  2. Not as into the leggings look and the jeans that are faded on the butt. It looks like someone sat down in bleach and got up.

    Funny, I have both.
  3. I totally agree. I really don't like leggings. Those along with tracksuits worn for anything other than working out, side ponytails (I've seen them a LOT in my area...), and (I don't mean any offense to others who like them) Uggs. They just don't do anything for me.
  4. Me too!!! :roflmfao:
  5. uggs and... vera bradley purses :hrmm:
  6. Flee before me, all Ballet flats.:yucky:
  7. skirts or dresses that show everything unless one moves with great care :yes:
  8. What are Vera Bradley bags out of curiosity?,I have never heard of that brand before. I personally wish Metallics&fadded pants&micro mini's. I do love wearing flats (Im tall ,I cant wear heels), I also enjoy wearing leggings (I have been told I wear them well). In general the trend that should END completly are women that wear stuff that is TOO small for them,ever heard of buying one size up?,also women need to start dressing for their age.
  9. Meh, Vera Bradley bags and leggings don't do it for me, either.
    I also hate the Uggs and miniskirt look. Yuck. If I were THAT cold, I'd be wearing pants with them, not a belt for a skirt..what's the point of warm boots if the majority of your legs are uncovered?
  10. Uggs, especially on nice dress or mini skirt..
  11. lol, exactly!!! same things with flip flops when there's ice on the ground. common sense, people, common sense.
  12. I don't care for Uggs at all. I also could do without leggings (even though I did wear them in the 80s when I was like 4 years old:s).
  13. UGGS!!! Ugh ugh ugh.
  14. UGH I know..the flip flop thing is especially annoying here. It's like those are the only shoes people ever wear or own. Even when it's freezing in the morning or pouring down rain, the flip flops are still out. That bothers me SO much lol.
  15. maybe it's just becuase of how long i spend on campus...but hoodies that are really short, so you see a huge majority of the t shirt underneath. drives me absolutely crazy, i can't explain why. if you're going for the "i just rolled out of bed" look, just wear one that at least touches your jeans.

    mini skirts with leggings. i just don't get it.