Which Tracy do you prefer? Nutmeg or Chocolate? See attached pics

  1. I want something that is going to go with a lot of different things - from work to totally casual. Which one do you like better? I am leaning towards the nutmeg. Both slightly discounted on bluefly.com
    tracychoc.jpg tracynutmeg.jpg
  2. Chocolate, definitely!!
  3. I would go for nutmeg
  4. I like the chocolate only because of the zipper opening. It doesn't extend to the sides of the bag where the belt and buckle are like the nutmeg one. I have this bag in whiskey/tan and love it. Btw, the nutmeg colour you are referring to is the whiskey shade in this bag.

  5. I slightly prefer the Nutmeg :yes:
  6. So hard both so beautiful! I have chocolate and LOVE!
  7. Choc is classier, nutmeg a bit more casual in my eyes
  8. Loving the nutmeg... :heart:
  9. By the way you might want to search the forum for issues with bluefly. While some folks have gotten beautiful bags others have gotten obvious fakes....
  10. I don't know where i came up with the nutmeg name! The website actually calls it sienna.
  11. I have to second green_eggs on the bluefly issue. Be careful. Oh and yes, the Tracys are faked too. I got a hold of one from eBay and was astounded at how good it was, it was scary! Only after having other Tracys that I did confirm it was fake. It was a pain and I doubt I'll get my money back as I was so STUPID to leave a positive feedback for the seller and even stupider to say it was authentic on the feedback because I really thought it was. Stupid, stupid me.
  12. Chocolate!!!
  13. I would be concerned about purchasing from Bluefly. I like the chocolate
  14. I ditto the members' concerns with Bluefly. :confused1:
  15. I also am the new owner of a tracy and I love it as I hope you do. I vote for the nutmeg.