Which tPF expert would you choose for your personal shopper?

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  1. I've been amazed at the amount of information on this forum. If I were seriously shopping (meaning two bags or more) I would certainly like to have one or more of these experts go along with me! Who would you pick...and why? (I'm choosing BagAddict 'cause she's already my personal shopper.)
  2. Forenfinal, she seems to know her stuff!! But then all you girls are great!!:tpfrox:
  3. everyone here is so helpful, i dont think i could choose just one lady!
  4. You know, I'd go with Thithi. She was one of girls on here that authenticated my very first MJ.:p I'm extremely grateful but my bank account isn't! ;)
  5. thithi!
  6. Yes, I agree^^^^^
  7. Tough Question - all the authenticators are so knowledgeable, and have great taste!
  8. Definitely Thithi... she is so wise and helpful!
  9. thithi
  10. Aw, you gals are just too sweet. :tender:

    You all brightened up my day!! :balloon:I seriously needed it too, I'm feeling a bit under the weather....

    but seriously... all of you gals make tpf such a wonderful place to hang out.

    *hUgZ* to all!! And cheers! :drinkup:
  11. BTW, did I mention that I love to shop??? I'd love to be anyone's personal shopper, just drop me a line! :p
  12. ...hey maybe you can fly out to long island, ny and help me ;)
  13. Yes..Thithi is the bomb...baglover is extremely knowledgeable as well.....It's so **comforting** to know that you're going to get good straight answers from a friendly person when it comes to MJ ... Thanx ladies!!!!!!!! And thanx to all the pf'rs that have helped me in the *authenticate this* thread!!
  14. I have to add that thithi and the rest of you are all great and if I could afford a personal shopper, thithi would probably be fantastic!! I don't know thithi but I imagine someone with great fashion sense and absolutely adorable!!:supacool::girlsigh:
  15. Love Thithi! She has picked up several bags for me as well as a gorgeous clutch wallet!!! Love her.

    I hope you feel better soon, girl!!! Long weekend, so that should help