Which tour operator has the best and affordable asia tours?

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  1. I am hoping to go to asia this november, as this is my first international travel I am really nervous. I would feel safer going with a group of people instead of by myself. The question is: Where to get the best tours for asia? I would like to go to Japan and southeast asia. Thanks in advance for all your help!:smile:
  2. Sign up for the travelzoo top 20. They had a sale for Japan last week and a sale for Hong Kong and China about a month ago which included tours, food and hotel.
  3. It really depends on what you're after and where you're starting from. Are you in Europe, the States, Australia, etc.?

    We want to do S.E. Asia next year as well. For me, I want something on the higher end (4* min.), everything taken care of and I want to hit certain countries. I also want to deal with a reputable travel company, so that if anything goes wrong, we're covered.

    We're in Canada and have looked at packages out of L.A. and Vancouver. We will likely go with an Air Canada package that leaves Vancouver and hits Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Bali (with a few side trips). It's about $4K a piece, but I'm there to holiday, not to worry about my charter company going bankrupt or that some schlockmeister will take my money and not give a **** if I make it to my next destination or not.

    More adventurous types might want something less organized. Others might have a lower budget. And still others might be flying from Europe, the Middle East, etc. or not even particularly care if the package includes air or not. If that's the case, then a Trafalgar landtour may or may not be an option.

    It really depends.
  4. Thank u ladies for your help. I am looking at several tours and I agree I want to go with a reputable company and feel safe about it.