which tote?!


what should i exchange my bag for?

  1. sig stripe tote in punch

  2. green hamptons large tote & some cute accessories

  3. wait until more pretty things get released

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  1. i feel like there have been so many threads on 'which bag should i get?', but that's why i love this place. :smile: :heart:

    i'm exchanging my sig stripe tote in gold (10124 - $268) that i ordered. should i get the sig stripe tote in punch, or the green hamptons large tote ($198) and a small accessory? or maybe someone has some more ideas...? :confused1:

    either way, this is gonna be fun trying to decide! :wlae:
  2. Those are really different choices - I'd go with the punch stripe. That particular color is just terrific.
  3. I like both of those bags so either would be great but I'd wait just a bit to see what will come out. But if you really, really want the punch tote, I'd get it now since it is close to selling out. Or so I've heard.
  4. the sig stripe in punch would be perfect for the upcoming seasons!! get it while its still hott!
  5. Wow, tough choice. Between the two, I'd probably pick the punch!
  6. wow, no votes for the hamptons weekend tote! i guess i can always get that one later...
  7. go for the punch..it's really a beautiful pink!!!
    then if you change your mind..you can exchange
  8. I'd go for the punch. When I ordered mine a few days ago, the SA told me there were only about 50 left in the system.