Which Tote?

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  1. Which tote is better and why?
    Vachetta Ergo Tote
    Does the vachetta leather get water spots on it like the whiskey color?
  2. vachetta depends on how you take care of it. i havent heard anything bad about the vachetta ergos.

    but i would go with the gigi just because i like the design better. a much more functional bag.
  3. They are totally different bags IMO. I own the Vachetta Ergo tote & love it. I don't really care for the styling of the Gigi.

    I've gotten caught in the rain with it & haven't had any water stains.
  4. I have both bags. I love them both for different reasons. The leather on both bags can scratch and spot, so I wouldn't let that be a factor in your decisions.
  5. Stophle - I seen your ergo tote posted in one of the threads and from the picture it looks like it has darkened. The color is beautiful.
  6. ^It really has. :smile: It's doing it pretty evenly too, which makes me happy. I hadn't noticed the darkening until one day I looked at the hangtag, and compared it to the bag itself and there was a huge difference.
  7. They're both really different bags so I guess it depends more on your needs. If you need a more formal/work bag I'd go with gigi but if you're looking for a fun, everyday bag I'd go with the Ergo vachetta hobo. Either way you can't go wrong bc both bags are TDF!
  8. I guess what I am looking for is a tote that I can use when we are on the road for the day. So something that is good to hold magazines, water bottle, snacks and such and possibly a small purse. Would either of these bags be better for that use or is it pretty much just my personal choice. The bag may also have to sit on the floor of the car as well - would the ergo vachetta tote get colored on the bottom if the floor wasn't spotless?
  9. I love the look of the Gigi, but in person it doesn't look like a $700 bag. It is huge & functional, but the vachetta has style & functionality!