Which tote would you choose??

  1. A Batignolles Horizontal or a Azur Saleya MM??? Thanks much:smile:
  2. BH

    Why I don't like the Saleya MM:
    needs a pocket in the front like the GM
    round handles
  3. you have to get the azur saleya it is so beautiful i love the shape and that it looks a little funky and the colour is grat and you can use it all seasons and its not faked as much, its one of my faves im not a fan of the bh. the saleya rox but. good luck oh and it looks hot with patina
  4. BH! don't like the saleya in azur....
  5. BH, it's just so easy and comfortable to carry on the shoulder. Saleya handles just seem awkward for constant shoulder use.
  6. saleya azur
  7. I'd go for the BH .... :tup:
  8. Looks like you are getting mixed responses here!
    I would go w/the Salaya MM Azur. Not a big fan of BH, think I just see so many of them where I live.
  9. I too like the shape and look fo the Saleya. I don't think there are as many Saleyas out there, or I haven't seen too many.
  10. I'd pick the Saleya. I'm also not a fan of the BH.
  11. Saleya Azur for sure...!!!!!!

    I'm getting the azur speedy 30 in the end of month !!
  12. I love them both, but would opt for a zip top, so Saleya
  13. Saleya MM! It's actually the next bag on my to get list. I have the BH, but i see so many people carrying them I hate using it
  14. Azur Saleya. It is simply beautiful!
  15. Bh!