Which tote to get!


Which tote should I get

  1. Bleecker tattersal travel tote

  2. Reversible tote in crimson

  3. Or something else (please describe)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Well I have been given the go ahead by DH to buy myself a tote. I need one for school or at least that is what I am telling DH :angel: It has to be able to hold my laptop occasionally and definately school books. So which one should I get? All recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  2. Def. the Bleecker...i LOVE the print and it's HUGE!
  3. The tattersall tote is gorgeous but the soft white material seemed like it would get dirty very fast and it is overly huge for an everyday bag IMO (which is why I returned it). I like the reversible tote.
  4. I'd go w/the reversable one as well. That white tatersall is gorgeous, but I'd be a nervous wreck every time I took it out of the house!
  5. I choose the crimson reversible tote. I have it and I absolutely love it. It is easy to get things in and out even when I am running errands w/ my 2 yr old DD. The problem w/ the tattersall tote is that it looks like it gets dirty fast inside and out. It is cute though.
  6. Thanks! I also just fell in love with the gallery tote in mahagony. So I still cant decide:shrugs:
  7. If you are going for the Gallery Tote, I like it! (Even though my personal fave is the chocolate gallery tote w/ the lavendar lining.) But I did vote for the tattersall, because it's big enough to fit your needs.
  8. The Tattersall is definitely for a HUGE amount of stuff.