which tote should i get?

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  1. I am living a dilemma, which tote should i get?

    Coach signature reversible tote


    or the
    Coach signature gallery tote

  2. I like the one with the white! Its super cute!!
  3. I say the Coach signature reversible tote, I think you will get more use out of it as the Gallery tote with the white is a bit summery
  4. I love the new signature totes and accessories that go with them. I think the white is more summer too.
  5. I have to agree... I love them both though! I've been eyeing the gallery tote but it is a bit summery
  6. I like the reversible one.
  7. i like both, but if you want more usage, get the first.
  8. I really like the white gallery tote but it is alittle bit too summery...did they make it w/ a different color trim..maybe brown? I'm not a fan of the reversable line.
  9. I would go with the reversible tote because you would get more use out of it, even though the gallery tote is super cute!
  10. Well I just received my reversible small tote and I love it!! It's the crimson color one. Here is a pic of it with the matching small wallet:

    7-20-06 009.jpg
  11. Reversible!! :yes:
  12. i like the signature gallery tote.. it's so cute and summer-like...
    i've always lean toward the white trim in coach... :yes:
  13. I like the Coach signature gallery tote MUCH BETTER :graucho:. I am not a fan of the Coach signature reversible tote at all :yucky:
  14. I say the reversible tote. Its cute and very practical!
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