Which tote for school?

  1. I'm trying to get something to carry my macbook and a few books for a postgrad course (such a great reason to get a bag:P). I want to look sophisticated yet studious... but not in that legally blonde (Reese Witherspoon) way but more Ann Hathaway. Which of the tote would u choose? The first 2 are magnetic closure, the right most is zip closure. The left one is the most pricey, the middle one is 100 less, and the right one is 200 less than the most pricey. Thanks gals!!

    tote1.jpg tote2.jpg tote3.jpg
  2. I like #2 :tender: very roomy and best color combo. Good luck.
  3. #2 hands down!!!
  4. Got to agree with the others! #2 gets my vote for its style and gorgeous color combo. Hope this helps:yes:
  5. #2!
  6. i like no. 3 for a preppy vibe in school :smile:
  7. #1
  8. I like nr.2
  9. Good point! I'm leaning towards no.3 too. The handles have a preppy feel. But the way the handles are connected to the bag by just a white leather patchy thingy, will the handles give way if i carry books and a laptop?

    No.2 is definitely pretty, but it seems a bit princess-y and delicate? It might be more for work? And can the handles hold the load well too?
  10. im pretty sure about gucci holding a lot of stuff so u wont have probs with the handle. :smile:
  11. I like #2, but I prefer it with the brown leather trim.
  12. i think the 2nd get's a little slouchy after awhile but i'd go either 2nd or 3rd :smile:
  13. 2 or 1.
  14. i absolutely looooooooooove no.2 !!! im looking at getting one for my school books also! i think it'd be very handy for lugging them around all day :biggrin:
  15. #2! maybe you can go to the Gucci Store and try your things in it to see if the handles can bear the load of your books / laptop