Which Tote do you say?

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  1. I'll be travelling to the West Coast(LA,SF,LV,Hawaii) in Mid-October and am aiming to get myself a Tote bag for shopping.

    Since I already have the M/L black and beige caviar flap, hence I hope not to repeat any of this colours. I'm also not a big fan of GST especially after the recently price hike. Which would you advise me to get if I'd like to keep as close to my budget of US$2,900 and below?

    I love the bubble quilt series but not sure if my budget is too low or should I purchase a tote from another premier brand and get a nicer bag from Chanel? Is there any particular store which is highly recommended to visit because of the service and selection?

  2. cambon tote. holds a lot and is lightweight. i love mine!!!

    not a fan of the gst too as i feel the strap drop is a tad high for my liking.

    you may also want to consider a paris biarritz in taupe. i saw one in that color & it's soo pretty!
  3. thank you baileylab for the suggestion. i kinda like the paris biarritz too, but it seems to be totally forgotten from the shelves which im not sure whether it is a good thing. also, my sis has the large version in black. so im not sure if i should fork out a little more to look for a better tote like the bubble quilt or.... this is such a big dilemma!
  4. no problem! we all have these "problems" when buying a new bag.

    i hope you find your tote!
  5. hi, how about the timeless cc tote? saks has it in dark silver and burgundy. and it's not boxy like the gst. :smile:
  6. Yes timeless cc tote would a great alternative if you don't like GST:smile:
  7. Thanks floriade n 1Cor13! Is the timeless cc tote the 'flatter' rectangular gst? Any idea how much is it now? I know the gst has increased to $2900, but no idea on the PTT.

    Btw, can it hold much shopping loots? :smile:
  8. i love the timeless tote - my Saks SA just told me yesterday she has not seen this bag around at all...the PTT just went from $1600 to $2000...good luck!